Sheaffer Field History

It began simply as a dedicated place for a group of men, mostly blue-collar laborers from the Enola area, to get together and play a little softball in the evenings after a hard day’s work. They were railroaders, electricians, masons and builders. But more than that, they loved getting together to blow off a little steam by playing softball.

Maynard Sheaffer, a 1940 graduate of Enola High School, began his building business shortly after returning from service in World War II. He was not a ball player in high school. In fact, he was a pole-vaulter on the Enola High School Track Team. But when a colleague invited him to play in a softball tournament, he was hooked. They traveled to New Castle, which at the time had one of the only lighted softball fields in the area. That's when he decided to build a lighted field on a parcel of ground he owned along Wertzville Road just west of Enola.

Being that most of the men were laborers, they worked to build the field themselves – sort of a “Field of Dreams.” The field was completed in the spring of 1956 and in addition to being home to Sheaffer's Softball Team, the field hosted Little League baseball and midget football games.

In 1961, the field was deeded from Maynard and Ruth Sheaffer to the East Pennsboro Athletic Commission, Inc. and is now home to the East Pennsboro Youth Athletic League. Over the years, generations of young athletes have played football, baseball and softball at Sheaffer Field, longtime the centerpiece of Enola's recreational landscape.

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