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Your EPYAL Cheerleading Directors are Maegan Pierce and Autumn Wiest. They can be reached at The cheer website is

PeeWee, Pony, and Midget practices begin July 22rd. Practices run Monday through Thursday, 6:00pm-8:00pm. Smurf practice begin July 30th, 6:00pm-7:00pm on Monday through Thursday. Once school begins, practice will be limited to one two-hour practice per week.

Cheerleaders are expected to be at all practices. Please remember to let coaches know if a practice will be missed. Repeated missed practices may result in removal from a stunt group. Cheerleaders should wear comfortable clothing (no denim or skirts). Sneakers are required. Hair must be pulled back away from the face. No jewelry is permitted. Please send plenty of water with cheerleaders to ensure proper hydration.

Bees can be an issue; please send water as bees are attracted to sugary beverages.

Practices are at Adams Ricci Park at the following locations:
Smurf - Midway Pavilion *this is a change from previous seasons*
PeeWee - Midway Pavilion
Pony - Citizens Pavilion
Midget – Keystone Pavilion

Practices will be cancelled in the event of thunder and/or lightening. Please return to pick up your cheerleader immediately if these conditions occur. In the event of inclement weather, please monitor communication from coaches to see if practice is cancelled.

Arrive to games at the coach-designated time, in full uniform, with all accessories, and ready to cheer. Late arrival impacts stunting practice; late cheerleaders may not participate in stunting. Cheerleaders not properly attired or missing accessories may be asked to sit out.

Athletes need sufficient water for hydration. Half-gallon water bottles are recommended. Bees can be an issue; please send water only as bees are attracted to sugary beverages.

Cheerleaders should not communicate with spectators during the game. This is a safety issue as it causes distraction to both cheerleaders and coaches. If communication between parent/guardian and cheerleaders becomes necessary, please do so through the coaching staff. We do not cheer in heavy rain for safety reasons.

Our cheer uniform consists of the following:
vest/skirt/crop top/warmups – returned at the end of the season, laundered
regular and pink-out bows - EPYAL purchased, athlete keeps
black compression briefs - athlete provides
white ankle socks - athlete provides
white leather cheer sneakers - athlete provides

In cold weather, only the approved warm-ups, black gloves, and black hats may be worn. Warm-up pants are worn rather than the skirt, not under. EPYAL-owned uniforms may be worn only when a squad is scheduled to cheer. Athletes are to wear personal clothing if they attend other games as a spectator. Under no circumstances may EPYAL-owned uniform items be worn to school or out in the community. Violation of this rule may result in suspension from a game. Repeated violations may result in removal from the squad.

Sub Sales
We do two sub sales, one in August and one in September. For each sale, you must 1) sell 15 subs or 2) sell fewer than 15 and pay $2/item under 15 or 3) buy out for $30.
If you do not meet this obligation, you will be charged accordingly as part of the next cheer registration.

Gate and Concession Stand Responsibilities
Parent/guardians are required to volunteer for one session at the concession stand and one at the stadium entrance gate. Sign up sheets will be emailed when CFA releases game schedules.

It is very important that we maintain correct contact information. Please provide changes to coaches and team parents immediately.

If you would like to be a coach or team parent, please complete the following forms and send them to Sub sale coordinator/pink out coordinator/8th grade recognition do not require volunteer forms.

Directions for volunteering and Disclosure Form:

First time volunteer:

Returning volunteer:

We are looking forward to a great cheer season!
Maegan and Autumn

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