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We have our meeting with Hampden last week of July and have to have the number of players and teams ready to go. Please register by the deadline of July 20th if you want your player to play this fall. We will need team managers and coaches for each team we have.

2018 Little League and Teener Spring Season Information

The ages for baseball are 4 – 17 years old.
Instructional (4-6 yrs)
Minors (7-8 yrs)
9 Year Old League (9 yrs)
Majors (10-11 years old)
12 YO Teener (12 years old)
Teeners (13-17 yr old)

SIGN UP DATES: Online registration is open now through July 20th at 11:59PM. After that late registrations will be taken on a case by case basis due to very limited space and teams already being selected.

REGISTRATION FEES: You may pay by Master Card or Visa.

Instructional: $50.00 Regular
Minors (7-8 yrs): $60.00 Regular
9 Year Old League (9 yrs): $60.00 Regular
Majors (10-11 years old)0: $60.00 Regular
12 YO Teener (12 years old): $95.00 Regular
Teener Baseball: $95.00 Regular (Teener Baseball is not associated with Little League Baseball)

** No pants are being provided during fall season. All Teams will wear white pants so you can use your spring pants if you don't want to purchase new pants.

NOTE: The color of pants required will be white, no exceptions.

Fall Ball Benefits:
1. Team rosters are kept low, so players are on the field and not on the bench.
2. All divisons play continuous batting order, so ALL players get more chances to bat.